What You Need To Buy Before Baby Arrives: Ultimate List

What You Need To Buy Before Baby Arrives Ultimate List

When you are expecting the near coming of your baby, you always make sure that everything he needs is all set. You even tend to go extra sometimes, but the worry of forgetting the most important thing is always present. Hence, we have provided you in this article with a complete guide in your shopping before the baby’s arrival. What do we really need to buy before the baby arrives?

Your baby’s different activities also require different things. In feeding your baby, the necessary things to buy are breast pump, formula milk, containers, bibs, bottles, bottle carrier, and brush. In the clothing your baby, the most essential are clothes and diapers. During bedtime, swaddle blankets, crib and crib mattress and baby pillows are needed as well. While in bathtime, the primary things your baby needs are the bathtub, soap and shampoo, and towel.

Besides the above-mentioned necessities, there are still lots of things that you have to purchase in providing your baby comfort in his everyday sleep and play. Hence, we have provided a list of all those things in this article.

When Is It Okay to Start Shopping for my Baby?

All mothers have different preferences when shopping for their babies. Generally, the most recommended time to start shopping for your baby is when he reaches second trimester or after twelve (12) weeks. The reason for this is because the first trimester of your baby has still higher chances of a miscarriage, but the second trimester gives your baby enough hold in your tummy.

For some mothers, they only start shopping when they finally know the gender of the baby, while others start buying stuff for the baby as soon as they knew that they are pregnant. In this case, there is no such thing as a perfect time. It always depends upon your choice of making the present the right time to shop for your soon to arrive little one.


In the newborn stage, feeding is one of the activities that takes most of your baby’s time aside from sleeping. That is why it is important that you spend so much time in choosing the best product for your baby’s feeding. Apart from this helps him grow bigger, it also aids in allowing him to become healthier and stronger. Hence, to guide you, we have provided the essentials for you and your baby below:


A breast pump is a device that lactating women used to extract milk from their breasts. Firstly, this device is used by mothers whenever they decide to go back to work and still want to breastfeed their babies. In this case, they express milk from their breasts and securely place it in the bottle where the baby can still consume breast milk even with the mother’s absence.

Secondly, a breast pump is also used to stimulate breast to produce more milk in times of low milk supply. The mother pumps the milk from the breast until it fills a single bottle. By continuously doing so, the breasts will then formulate enough milk supply that can be regularly consumed by the baby.

Lastly, breast pumps are helpful also to allow mothers to rest from painful nipples. Although the baby feeds from the bottle, he still receives the right amount of nutrients that he needs for his growth and development. As prescribed by doctors, your baby should be taking breast milk for up to six (6) weeks. Hence, buying a breast pump secures that you will still provide enough milk for your baby by providing enough supply and keeping milk supply in a bottle. Further, for your buying guide of the most popular breast pumps, click here.


After six to eight (6-8) weeks of breastfeeding, doctors now allow your baby to consume formula milk through bottle feeding. However, it is still advisable that you continue breastfeeding up until your baby’s two (2) years with complementary formula milk. Bottle feeding, as one of the methods of feeding your baby, mainly uses formula milk. Here are the common types of formula milk you can choose from:     

•  Powdered milk. Powdered milk is the most common type of formula milk that is always available in the market. At the same time, this is also the least expensive type of formula milk for babies. It usually comes with one (1) scoop corresponding to two to three (2-3) ounces of water.      

•  Liquid concentrates. The liquid concentrate is the type of formula milk wherein the milk has already been diluted with water. It is also more expensive than the powdered milk and less expensive than ready-to-use baby formula milk.    

•  Ready-to-use baby formula milk. Lastly, the ready-to-use formula milk is the most convenient but the most expensive to use. You can just pour it out in in the milk bottle, and you are good to go.


The milk and water containers are essential whenever you travel with your baby. It contains different layers; each layer contains enough measurement for one serving, where you can just pour out in the bottle, shake, and feed your baby. In this case, there is no need for you to bring the entire can everywhere you bring your baby. Just milk and water containers that fit your bag.



A baby bottle, also known as feeding or nursing bottle, contains a teat or a nipple where your baby can drink directly from. This is commonly used by infants when feeding formula milk or expressed breast milk through bottles.

The reason for this is to give the mother convenience in feeding the baby while still giving enough nutrients to the baby. A baby bottle also varies in sizes. A large-sized baby bottle holds 280 ml, while the small size typically holds 150 ml. As mentioned, it is composed of the main bottle, a teat or nipple, a ring to seal the teat to the bottle, and a cap to cover the nipple.

All functions to hold the milk without spilling.When using formula milk through bottles, you have to still ensure that the baby intakes the right amount of nutrients he needs. In this case, proper amounts of protein, water, carbohydrate, vitamins, and mineral should be present in the formula milk.

Since different ages also require different prescriptions, you still have to consult your doctor in this case.Further, it is imperative that you sterilize first the baby bottles before your baby uses it. This process is most effective in eliminating bacteria, germs, and other organisms that may be dangerous for your baby. Henceforth, this is mostly applicable to protect newborns and premature babies that are more susceptible to infections and diseases.


A thermal bottle carrier is also necessary to buy before your baby arrives. Aside from it serves as a convenient bottle carrier during travels with your baby, it also insulates the heat from the bottle that keeps the water fresh and clean even after some time. Hence, you can just get the bottle from the thermal bottle carrier and pour out the formula milk.

Further, this bag can also be used for cold bottles aside from the hot ones. This thermal bottle carrier makes it perfect for any weather. Its design also ensures that you can perfectly fit the bag inside your stroller whenever you just want to walk around with your baby. Indeed, a thermal bottle carrier is great to be carried wherever you go. Homga thermal bottle carrier is one of the most popular ones. Aside from being functional, what makes it popular is that it is fashionable for mothers to wear.


A bib is a piece of cloth fastened around the baby’s neck that helps your baby to keep their clothes clean while eating or drinking. It is a great necessity for your newborn to prevent their clothes from getting wet when bottle feeding, breastfeeding or every time he spits up his saliva.

This also helps when your baby begins eating solid food like fruits and vegetables. Hence, it will save you from getting his clothes changed from time to time. In the second month when he starts teething, the bib also serves as an absorbent whenever he drools a lot. It soaks up his saliva and dries everything quickly without the need of changing every time.

Despite its many uses, you still should not allow your baby to wear it without supervision. This is because he might just twirl it around his fingers that might cause accidents. At the same time, always ensure that you remove the bib from your baby everytime he sleeps. Through this, your baby can breathe freely as well as sleep comfortably.


A bottle brush is also necessary whenever you have baby bottles with you. It gives you convenience in washing your baby teat and bottles. At the same time, it ensures that it cleanse every side of the bottle. Hence, the next feed of your baby will surely be safe.

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Providing safety and comfort to our baby by dressing them up is one of our ultimate responsibilities. Hence, buying clothing essentials for your baby beforehand should be on top of the list. Here are the items you should take note:



A diaper is one of the top essentials of your baby whether you are in or out of the house. It makes it easier for you to refrain from washing clothes and sheets with poop and pee stain. At the same time, a diaper allows your baby to defecate and urinate without the use of a toilet. In choosing baby diapers, there are two types to choose from for your newborn baby. It could be a cloth diaper or a disposable diaper.      

•  Cloth diaper. A cloth diaper is a reusable, washable diaper which is made of natural fibers, man-made materials or a combination of both. Commonly, the types of natural fibers being used are wool, hemp, and bamboo.      

•  Disposable diaper. A disposable diaper is the most commonly used type in the market. This contains absorbent made of water crystals that absorb liquid from your baby’s urine and feces. Whatever type you choose, you should always ensure that the diapers will be safe and comfortable for your baby. At the same time, check on the diaper from time to time if it already contains a stain. By this means, you can avoid irritation to your baby’s bum. In conclusion, buying baby diapers before your baby arrives is definitely a must.


Baby clothes are one of the essentials you should buy before your baby arrives. Some of these are bodysuits, side snap shirts, sleepers, booties and mittens, and hats. In choosing the right product to buy, read the list below:     

•  Side Snaps Shirt. Side snaps shirt, also called kimono tops, are specifically designed to minimize contact with the lump of the healing umbilical cord of our newborns.     

•  Bodysuits or onesies. If you are out of a budget, you can just choose a onesie that can be worn by your baby during sleep and play. Infant bodysuits are onesies that are very easy to wear and take off. Wearing this kind of clothes allow our babies to move comfortably. The flip-flop at the bottom is also very helpful in easily changing the diapers during poops and pees.    

 •  Sleeper. Newborn babies sleep on an average of 18 hours a day which makes sleepers as essential part of the list. Sleepers provide warmth and comfort to newborns as they provide complete coverage.      

•  Hats. Baby hats are responsible for regulating the body temperature of the newborn. These caps also keep the baby cozy and comfortable whether indoors or outdoors.   

•  Booties and Mittens. These booties and mittens tend to be tiny temperature controllers. It keeps our babies’ feet and hands warm especially during cold nights. Since babies tend to be a little aggressive in kicking, elastic and sturdy top should be the first criteria to check.



When washing your baby’s clothes, you cannot just use the usual laundry detergent that you use for your clothes. The prime reason for this is because it contains harmful chemicals that can cause irritation to your baby’s sensitive skin. Hence, to help you choose quality products for your baby, we have gathered the best laundry detergents for infants:   

•  Purex Baby Soft Laundry Detergent. If you want a scented detergent that is still sensitive on your baby’s skin, this product can be your best option. It is low-cost and has a power of great stain removal.     

•  Seventh Generation Free and Clear Natural Laundry Detergent. If you want an unscented detergent that can also be used by the whole family, this will work for you. It is plant-based that makes the ingredients all natural. It is also hypoallergenic-free which is definitely safe for your baby’s skin.   

•  Ivory Snow Stage 1 Newborn Liquid Detergent. This is made with hypoallergenic content that is safe to be used for your baby’s clothes and cloth diapers as well. It contains a balanced fragrance of mildly ivory scent.     

•  Tide Free & Gentle HE Laundry Detergent. This is also one of the top products that are mild and safe on your baby’s sensitive skin. It has an effective stain fighting formula that frees your baby’s clothes from stain and keeps it clean and white.

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What You Need To Buy Before Baby Arrives Ultimate List

Baby’s bedtime typically lasts for eighteen (18) hours a day. Therefore, buying them the most comfortable and soft bedtime essentials is on the top priority of our list. The must-haves products are listed below:



We always want to see our babies wrapped around cute swaddle blankets at night. However, these blankets are not just intended as a decorative wrapping. Instead, it helps our infants feel settled and warm whenever they sleep. These days, swaddle blankets already come in different sizes, styles, and colors. They even got different ways of how it will be used depending on its type. To give you a broader understanding, below are the types of swaddle blankets that you can choose from:     

•  Baby swaddle wrap. Baby swaddle wrap, also known as Dudu wrap, is a square-shaped muslin or cotton that can be used by a hospital-wrap method of bundling baby. Something like making your baby like a little burrito. This does not require snaps or closure.     

•  Swaddle suit. If you prefer convenience in putting on swaddle blanket to your baby, then a swaddle suit can work best for you. These suits contain zippers, velcro or hook-and-loop closures that keeps your baby bundled up inside.



Although you always want to cuddle up with your baby in the same bed as yours, it is not considered safe to your baby according to doctors. This is because your baby is still vulnerable to infections and diseases that you might be present in your clothing wear.

Hence, buying a comfortable, durable, and safe crib and crib mattress should also be added to your list.When buying a crib, expect that your baby might stay up in the crib up to three (3) years of age. Hence, consider purchasing a bigger crib with slightly tall fences. In choosing the crib mattress, here are the several types you can choose from:     

•  Foam mattresses. This type of mattress is generally the lightest option. It thickness options always go with three to six (3-6) inches. When buying a foam mattress, choose the one that is firm and resilient when you press down. At the same time, you should be avoiding mattresses that are too soft. This is because this might not conform in your baby’s natural body shape and might cause suffocation.     

•  Innerspring mattresses. This type of mattress contains coils that are covered with foam, padding, and fabric. In choosing the best product, you have to look for the one that is firmer and more durable.      

•  Organic mattresses. Organic mattresses, also known as natural mattresses, are all made with natural elements. Some of which are cotton, wool, coconut fibers, food-grade polymers, plant-based foam, and natural latex. This type can either be innerspring or foam mattress. Although this type is the most expensive, it is still the safest for your baby.   

•  Breathable mattresses. This type is made of materials that allow the baby to breathe freely even when the baby sleeps while facing down. Although this is going more popular in the market, experts are still looking at its safety to babies.



The perfect time of providing pillows to your baby is still debatable up to this point. Many experts believe that the perfect time to give pillows to your baby is when they are beginning to transition from crib to bed – around eighteen to twenty-four (18-24) weeks.

The prime reason for this is to avoid possible suffocation that your baby might experience when a pillow gets to his face. Despite this, most mothers still allow their babies to use pillows and safely place it on both sides of the baby. If you think this will also work for you, it is wise to buy baby pillows before your baby arrives.


Bathing can be a lot hard especially if you are a first-time mom. Improper handling can cause a lot of danger as well. However, the list of must-buys before your baby arrives can help you successfully bath your baby:



Bathing your baby is the most challenging part of the week. Aside from he tends to be a little wiggly, there are lots of instances that the surface can be slippery. Hence, buying the perfect baby bathtub makes everything a lot easier.

A baby bathtub, which usually comes in plastic material, helps you to give your baby a safe, comfortable, and convenient bathing. It must contain a seat or a sling insert on it. Why do we recommend buying a baby bathtub instead of using the regular tub or kitchen sink? Read the below benefits:

•  It supports your baby’s head and shoulders.

•  Your baby fits well in the basin.

•  It has smooth and rounded edges that will not harm your baby in case he gets a bump.

•  It is portable. You can carry it anywhere around the house.

•  Some contains temperature reader and nozzle which helps you bathe your baby.

•  It lessens the risk of drowning your baby.

•  It is not that slippery compared to a regular tub and a kitchen sink.



Gentle soap or non-soap cleanser is the most recommended type for your baby’s gentle skin. Most of the time, mothers also prefer the soaps with fragrance-free oil as this only contains mild ingredients. Generally, it still gives smoothness and natural fragrance to your baby’s skin. Some baby soaps are also used as baby shampoo. You can also do the same.

Aside from it is lighter on your budget, it is also convenient to have both soap and shampoo in a single product. At the same time, it keeps the baby hair soft and tangles free. Oh, the smell too can make you crave the whole day.



These baby towels provide warmth and comfort to your baby right after a bath. Their skin will be shielded by the cool breeze coming out of the fan or air from an open space. When choosing baby towels, it is vital to check the type of material to avoid irritation. Further, there are also different types you can choose from:     

•  Hooded Towel. We also recommend the use of hooded towels for your babies. Unlike a regular towel, this gives your baby more warmth and snuggles. At the same time, it stays a lot easier. You can still choose whatever style, design, and color you want for your little one.     

•  Regular Baby Towel. Using a regular baby towel can also be a good catch for your baby. You can wrap them after a bath with the soft cloth. In choosing the material, you just have to be really careful in finding the one that is not harsh on your baby’s skin.

Note that your baby does not need to be scrubbed, hence you do not need to purchase towels that have a rough cloth like for adult’s versions. Just stroke or tap it gently that won’t feel too harsh on their skin. Here are some of the things you should also look out for:

•  Fabric. Choose the ones that are made of common fabrics like cotton or flannel, or you can go for bamboo.

•  Durability. Choose the products that are tightly sewn together. This is to avoid loose threads after several wash especially if it is made of fabric.

•  Absorbency. Look for its absorbency features. In this case, you have to choose that one that is able to soak up water quickly from your baby’s skin.

•  Hood. Hoods help your baby to warm up his head right after a bath. They are both cute and practical for your towels.


A bath thermometer is needed especially if you want to be accurate on the water temperature of your baby’s bath. It ensures if the water is in perfect condition – warm and not too hot. Surely, your baby will better enjoy paddling around.The ideal temperature for your baby’s bath is around 36-38°C.

As mentioned, this water temperature does not feel hot or cold for your baby. To make it work better, try to put cold water in the bath first, then add hot water. This ensures that there aren’t any hot spots in the tub. However, there are necessary precautions that you should still be taking. Make sure that you don’t put your baby first while the water is running or while you are in the process of mixing water with different temperature. As the water can change very quickly, your baby’s body might be more susceptible to colds or coughs.

Other Necessities


When buying a newborn car seat, you have to make sure that it provides a better fit for your newborns. It is necessary to buy a newborn car seat as this contains additional side-impact protection and anti-rebound features that keep your baby safe from the impact of car brakes.


Strollers are essential for navigating walks and strolls with your new baby. If you ever plan on leaving your home with your infant, strollers give you a very convenient time to still shop and buy groceries while your baby is still in comfort.Since newborns tend to be a little sleepy at all times, strollers can also be their alternative sleeping zone. Therefore, buying a stroller before your baby arrives is definitely on top of the list. There are several different types to choose from too, you can see it here.


Your baby’s nails tend to grow fast. There are instances that babies scratch their own eyes and skin because of the long sharp nails. Henceforth, you have to ensure the safety of your baby by buying baby nail clipper even before he arrives. When you are feeling anxious about the possibility of cutting your baby’s fingers, there are some designed clippers for your baby that will give you an easy and painful experience.


Most children will get sick sometime during their first year, and the best thing to combat baby’s worsen flu is by tracking his temperature. Imagine having the flu and being totally unable to know how bad it is. Hence, it is always necessary to add baby thermometer on your list.


It’s always better that you have prepared your baby’s medicine even before he arrives. Just check on the expiration date, and you are good to go. Here are the medicines you should buy with their corresponding uses.

•  Acetaminophen (Tylenol). Pain relief and lowering fever.   

•  Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin). Pain relief from teething and lowering fever.     

•  Decongestants (Sudafed). Runny nose and congestion.      

•  Cough Suppressants (Robitussin, Delsym). Coughing.Above are just some medicines for most common baby sickness. However, the most important thing is that you consult your doctor if the medicine does not negatively affect your baby. This is because some are allergic to some medicines, while others are not safe for baby’s intake.

Related Questions

When should I have my baby shower?

Baby showers are typically four to six (4-6) weeks before the baby’s due date. Late enough for pregnancy, but early enough so that the baby is unlikely to arrive before the party day does.

When should we start shopping for baby?

Generally, the most recommended time to start shopping for your baby is when he reaches second trimester or after twelve (12) weeks. The reason for this is because the first trimester of your baby has still higher chances of a miscarriage, but the second trimester gives your baby enough hold in your tummy.

How many bottles do you need for a newborn?

The number of bottles you need to own is about four to twelve (4 to 12). The number depends on whether you will primarily bottle feed or breastfeed your baby. It is better that you first start with 4-ounce bottles. They contain the right amounts of breast milk or formula milk newborns eat in one sitting.

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