Best (And Safest) Baby Monitors

Best (And Safest) Baby Monitors

There’s a good reason why children are our bundles of joy. They make us swell with pride, and we want to be around them. It is, therefore, no wonder that we keep checking on them.

Unfortunately, we cannot always be as discreet as possible, and we wake them up one way or another. However, with the best monitor, checking on the little one couldn’t be as easy. Don’t we love the convenience that technology has brought in our lives?

In the following review, we look at some of the best baby monitors in the market.

Here is a short version of the review. Wireless IP Camera 1080P, Nanny Cam is my top choice. Nanit Plus - Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount is my second choice, and VTech DM223 my third. Read on to know why they make it on to our list.

VTech DM223 Audio Baby Monitor - The Most Affordable

What i love about this monitor is its long-range transmission. That means you can still monitor the little guy even when you are far away in the backyard. You can enjoy some delicious roast limbs with your friends from work and always keep an ear out for the baby. It has a decent range of 1000 feet.

Some of the baby monitors i have come across have an annoying transmission sound. Such equipment makes it hard to have them around important guests in your home. You see, we all have some need to impress all those that visit our homes. And it can be challenging with inefficient equipment.

VTech DM223 incorporates DECT 6.0 technology for efficient transmission of the audio. It is so bright that you can almost tell what the baby is babbling about.

Sometimes you want something that you can mute and continue to monitor the baby. It is not always appropriate to have everyone listening to the little noises that the baby makes in her room. The good thing about this machine is that you can easily switch it the sound off and still get to know when the baby is making noise. The parent monitor has graph bars that inform you of how much noise is in the room.

That means you will get to know when the baby is crying even when the monitor is in mute mode.

Another thing about this baby monitor is that it is favorably priced. It only cost a little below $40 and will not hurt your saving in any way. Well, some of the more modern monitors are a bit more expensive but with more features. And that is where the double-edged sword of low pricing cuts. It has fewer features.

For example, you can use the digital devices with your smartphone. Well, it seems as if everything these days is interconnected. And lack of such interconnection may be a significant disadvantage for some people.

The device also comes with a vibrating alert so that you don’t miss a thing even when you are busy doing your chores. Of course, it can get awfully loud when operating some machinery in our homes. The vibration is always a useful feature that creates a sensation on your skin that you can’t ignore.

Your baby will love the two-way talkback feature. You see, the only thing that the baby may need to hear is your comforting voice to get calm. This device offers the convenience of talking to the baby without the need to be in the same room with them. That means you can finally enjoy that movie with your better half without the need to dash and check the little one.


  • A long range of 1000 ft
  • Clear transmission
  • Bar graphs that monitor the amount of noise in the baby’s room
  • Favorable pricing
  • A vibrating alert on the parent handset
  • Two-way talk back feature
  • Easy to use

Nanit Plus - Smart Baby Monitor And Wall Mount - The Smartest

Most of us want to keep with the times. We want the latest and best devices on the market. Of course, we are an age where technology has featured in every aspect of life, and no one is complaining. It’s all about convenience and making work more manageable.

Nanit Plus is one of the smartest baby monitors out there. Well, in my opinion, it is even better than most home security cams. It is the best definition of an intelligent device. But what is this that it has that has got me excited?

For starters, the device has one of the best views that you can get from a baby monitor. The wall-mounted monitor gives you a bird’s view of the baby 24/7. Such a feature as night vision and HD quality visions make sure that you don’t miss a thing. You can check what the baby is holding or putting into their mouth by zooming.

You can talk in if you need to.

The real-time motion and sound notifications provide a better clue as to what the baby is up to. Does he need a change of diaper or something to eat? Every parent knows when it’s time for feeding, but the smart monitor removes every doubt as to the appropriate time for these activities. You don’t need to wake the baby before it’s time.

It also has sensors that determine the temperature and humidity. These features ensure that the baby is as comfortable as possible. The background audio provides you hear everything in the baby room even when you are using your phone on social media. It does not need an internet connection to work. All it needs is WiFi.

No downtime or anything like that.

Another feature that you will not get from other devices includes nature’s sounds. Turning them on helps the baby gets to sleep. Well, they are so soothing that it will not be quite impossible to find yourself relaxing. Alternatively, you can use the two-way audio to talk to the baby or sing her favorite lullaby to sleep.


  • A bird’s view HD quality vision
  • Night vision and zooming function
  • Soothing nature sounds
  • Background sound to keep track of every sound
  • Two-way audio so that you can talk or sing to the baby

Wireless IP Camera 1080P, Nanny Cam - Versatile Monitor

In my opinion, the baby monitor should be versatile. You see, the baby will eventually grow up. That is despite our wish for them to stay young forever.  If the monitor is not sufficiently versatile, then it would not have any use after that.

I find this futuristic-looking device to be one of the most versatile that I've come across. In other words, it is not just a baby monitor. But also serves as a security cam. It will help you keep an eye on your home even when you are away.

However, it is essential as a baby monitor. The high definition pictures and audio make you feel like you are already there. The clarity on this machine is just astonishing. It is one of the best. Maybe there are other better monitors out there, but this one has pretty much everything that you need.

The touch viewing functionality makes navigation of the camera easy. As a result, you have full control over your viewing.  No corner of the room is out of view for you. Just start your phone and move the viewing grid to the section that you want a better view. You can also get live video from only a tap of the screen.

It also incorporates the motion detection technology that picks any movement in the room. Nothing escapes your notice. It makes the baby’s room easy to monitor.  But do you lose the images?

The live capture of high definition images and video is fantastic. It would not be great if you lose them. You may lose your evidence as well when the burglar breaks into your home to help themselves with the goodies.

However, that is not a thing to worry about. You can insert an SD card, and the monitor will record everything as long as the memory has sufficient space. That also means that you can capture some of the most precious moments.

Of course, it is difficult to keep looking at the baby monitor videos. You will still need to do something else around the house, and you may miss something interesting. However, you can keep the app running in the background and even get push notifications in case some motion is detected.

One feature that I love about this device is the high-quality filter microphone. Typically, you can speak to anyone in front of the camera clearly and still get to listen in to the discussions. You don't lose a thing. Of course, we all want to hear what others have to say about us. You know, when discussing something important.

The main worry of many people is unauthorized access to the camera pictures and videos. It is not a great thing to know that someone else can gain access to the system and see what is happening in the room. The good thing about the baby monitor is that it uses decent encryption and password protection. There’s one main account with the overall control over the camera and other settings.

However, you can assign up to 5 accounts to other family members or friends to enjoy in the viewing.  The baby monitors best highlights what convenience in a device is all about.


  • High definition audio and pictures make it possible to see everything.
  • It is quite versatile.
  • Easy touch navigation viewing.
  • Motion detection feature to pick up any movement in the room.
  • 24-hour recording when it has the SD card.
  • Push notifications in case the device detects movement.
  • High quality microphone that transmits clear sounds.
  • App passwords for privacy.

Video Baby Monitor With Digital Camera, ANMEATE Digital 2.4Ghz Wireless Video

Don't let the simplicity in design in this baby monitor fool you. It is one advanced tool that makes babycare fun. It is what you would expect from a baby monitor that incorporates contemporary technology. And as a result, i love the convenience it provides.

I love the simple to use controls, and you don't have to scratch your head trying to figure out how to manipulate it. We are not all geeks and user-friendliness in a device is desirable.

I especially adore the color screen monitor that gives you the best view of the room. The monitor has night vision that helps you check on the baby without switching the lights on. But that is far from the best feature that this device offers. Furthermore, the monitor keeps track of the temperature to ensure that the baby is as comfortable as possible.

It will not be fun for the baby if the room is too hot or too cold. And you can't always dash to the room to determine that.

The baby monitor has a long-range coverage of up to 960 feet that allows monitoring from a distance. You can enjoy the afternoon sunshine in your backyard and still check on the baby as she sleeps. You don't have to be a few rooms away.  

But you are wondering I want to can do from 960 feet away. Well, you can talk back to the child and comfort them. You can as well sing them a lullaby to get them back to sleep. Sometimes you are too tired to go this distance to the baby's room. There is always so much to do in the house that it sucks up our energy.

The baby monitor provides some reasonable level of convenience for you.


  • Simple to use controls.
  • Clear color screen.
  • Night vision.
  • Temperature monitor.
  • Extended range coverage of up to 960 feet.
  • Talkback feature so that you can comfort the baby.

CasaCam BM200 Video Baby Monitor - Most User-Friendly

For some of us, nothing beats use friendliness in a device. Most of us don't have the time to learn all the controls in a machine. We feel it is a waste of time.

The CasaCam BM200 is one of the most user-friendly in this review. It has simple controls, and its features make babycare such a breeze. The 5-inch touchscreen display is full color and very clear. You can see every detail of the baby’s crib even when a distance away.

It also has a very user-friendly interface.  Anyone can easily use the device whenever they want to. Nothing complicated about it.

Other smart features include temperature monitor that keeps you updated of the temperature conditions in the room. You also have the option of choosing the audio-only mode. Also, it comes with a power saving mode.

The camera has a night vision to keep an eye on the baby even in pitch darkness. You will find a night light that provides sufficient illumination that the baby can sleep in.

The digital zoom helps you get a closer look at the baby. Plus, i love the attractive design that it comes in. It looks like a small robot. Quite functional!


  • Clear 5-inch display.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Power saving mode and audio mode.
  • Various lullabies soothing lullabies.
  • Automatic night vision and night light.
  • An appealing design.
  • Two way audio so that you can talk to the child.

What To Look For In A Baby Monitor

Best (And Safest) Baby Monitors


No one should listen into your interaction with the baby. Typically, analog monitors are not as secure as their digital counterparts. Anyone can tap into the analog signal and hear what you're saying. However, current digital monitors are quite secure, and the video signal is encrypted.


This factor is more of personal preference and your needs. Extended range coverage is preferable. It is not fun to lose signal when you head for the backyard to enjoy the evening breeze.


The smaller the parent unit, the more portable it is. A small device is more comfortable to carry around the house. And you can use it even when doing your chores.

Some modern devices connect with your smartphone or another portable smart device. It means that you can monitor the child or the house with a smartphone. That is what convenience is all about.


The device should have simple controls, and preferably, the fewer the buttons, the better. Some digital baby monitors come with a bright touch screen that is easy to navigate.

Transmitters and Receivers

The number of transmitters and receivers is down to personal preference. In the majority of cases, two or more transmitters are preferable if you need to monitor more than one room. You may need one for the toddler room and another one for the bigger children. We are not talking about teenagers here, but rather, 2 or 3-year-olds.

And if you need an extra receiver for grandma or nanny, you can purchase it. Some of the products come with that option.


The best baby monitor makes your task of looking after the little bundle of joy effortless. They are quite convenient. Some of these devices have a motion detector to inform you when the baby is up. The majority of them come with a talkback option so that you can sing the soothing child songs. You can choose between the cheap analog units and the more pricey digital devices. I prefer the more modern options as they are safe and convenient.

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