Songs To Sing For Babies (With Lyrics)

Is there a specific baby song that is suited for your baby’s stages of development?  Why do you sing for your baby aside from keeping her entertained? Singing songs or lullabies for your baby is very significant not only concerning language development but also helping her in learning to discriminate […]

Are Playpens Really Necessary? 17 Pros And Cons

In the age of consumerism, the list of must-have baby accessories is a long one. Some items considered baby essentials might gain you the disapproval of others. The more informed the decision you make, the more you won’t be swayed by the opinion of others. Remind yourself that there will […]

How To Work At Home With A Newborn?

Mothers are the best primary caregivers for their children. First-time mothers often find it difficult to leave their baby in the care of another. Even career moms at some point realize they want to stay at home with the kids. Financial responsibilities can cast doubt that we can leave our […]

11 Effective Ways to Protect a Baby from Mosquitoes Bites

Mosquitoes cause deadly problems worldwide. Our babies are the most vulnerable targets of these blood-sucking insects and the diseases they carry. As parents, we must protect our helpless infants from insects at home and outdoors.An effective mosquito prevention strategy should be safe to use around baby and chemical-free. There are […]