Are Newborn Clothes Really Necessary?

What’s the perfect way to welcome a newborn into the world? Well, it is to wrap them with an adorable stretchable jumpsuit, a pair of soft socks and snug them to cuteness. We love to provide them with all these cute onesies to make their first day very special. Yet, practically speaking, are newborn clothes really necessary?

The answer is definitely yes! All our newborn clothes provide our little ones with the heat that their bodies need. At the same time, it makes them safe from any scars they might get from whatever comes close to their sensitive and delicate skin. It also gives our babies comfort to have a clean cloth wrapped around them.

Why Newborn Clothes Are Necessary

Providing safety and comfort to our baby by dressing them up is one of our ultimate responsibilities. To give us a broader understanding, here are the things you need to know why newborn clothes are necessary:

  • It protects our baby’s skin. Our baby’s skin is thinner and has larger pores. Therefore, newborn clothes serve as protection to their skin from getting possible scratches from rough objects. Similarly, a little protection and covering to their healing umbilical cord is essential.
  • It provides our babies with comfort and warmth. Their thin skin makes them susceptible to cold temperature. That is why it is vital that we put on clothes to them, especially the feet, hands, and head which serve as the thermal regulator of the body.
  • It’s hygienic. You don’t want your baby to absorb all the bed dust with their skin. You also don’t want them to be carried by your relatives and create contact directly to their skin. All the things that surround us contain bacteria that we don’t even see. Since babies are susceptible to diseases, baby clothes keep them tidy throughout the day. Wrapping them with baby clothes after a bath is also essential in maintaining babies neat and fresh.
  • They look adorable in their clothes! Above all, seeing your baby wears animal-printed clothes is so cute to watch – they are like little human burritos! Next thing you want to do is to snug and smell their baby scent. Probably the best part of motherhood!

What Kind Of Clothes Do You Need For A Newborn

Infant clothes make up a variety of types. Our market also provides us with a lot of different choices that make things even harder to choose. As moms, we always go extra miles to see that we have chosen the right kind of clothes for our babies. To guide us, below is the list of essential must-haves:

  • Bodysuits – infant bodysuits are onesies that are very easy to wear and take off. Wearing this kind of clothes allow our babies to move comfortably. The flip-flop at the bottom is also very helpful in easily changing the diapers during poops and pees.
  • Sleeper – babies sleep on an average of 18 hours a day which makes sleepers as essential part of the list. Sleepers provide warmth and comfort to newborns as they provide complete coverage. The most important part? No mosquito can leave a mark on our babies!
  • Booties and Mittens – the baby booties and mittens tend to be tiny temperature controllers. It keeps our babies’ feet and hands warm especially during cold nights. Since babies tend to be a little aggressive in kicking, elastic and sturdy top should be the first criteria to check
  • Side Snaps Shirt – side snaps shirt, sometimes called kimono tops, are worn by snapping or tying the clothing to the side instead of pulling them over the head. It is specifically designed to minimize contact with the lump of the healing umbilical cord of our newborns.
  • Bonnets or Beanie Hats – just like booties and mittens, bonnets or beanie hats are also responsible for regulating the body temperature of the newborn. These caps also keep the baby cozy and comfortable whether indoors or outdoors.

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How To Choose Baby Clothes

Sometimes we choose clothes that are a little too much. They may be exaggerated or overstyled that sometimes compromise our baby’s comfort. In choosing baby clothes, these are the things that you must consider:

  • Avoid buttons and zippers. These add-ons might cause a little discomfort to our babies as they tend to move in different directions. Loose zippers might get unzipped from time to time. Also, poorly sewn buttons might cause choking risks.
  • Make sure that dressing will be a lot easier for you. Choose baby clothes that have wide necks, snaps, and loose sleeves. These make everything convenient for you to do dressing very quickly before the baby loses his patience.
  • Look for fabrics that are soft and advisable for baby’s skin. The last thing you want to see in your baby’s skin are rashes caused by their clothes. It can be itchy, prickly, and full of discomfort. Therefore, check if the material or fabric is appropriate for baby’s delicate skin.

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Best Fabric/Material For Our Newborn Clothes

We should be very meticulous in finding out the best clothes for them. There are lots of factors that we should consider in choosing what type of clothes we should let our newborns wear. Safety and comfort are our top priorities. Hence, we have provided a list of the best material for our newborn clothes:

  • Cotton – cotton fabric is the most popular choice in baby’s apparel. It is very absorbent and gentle against the baby’s skin. The most recommended type of cotton to be used is organic cotton. It does not contain any chemical that might be dangerous to the baby’s skin.
  • Jersey Knit – wearing this type of material allows the baby to move freely and comfortably. It is very stretchable, soft, and versatile that makes so perfect for babies to wear. Jersey knit is also the best material to use for bodysuits, sleepers, stylish tops, comfortable leggings, and much more.
  • Bamboo – the bamboo fabric is recommended in hats, booties and mittens, and other garments. Its softness makes it perfect for sensitive skin. It is also made up of organic materials which plays best in layering and thermal regulating. The extras? It’s hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and 100% cotton right along!
  • Fleece – fleece is often used for outwearing and can be in a variety of weights. Breastfeeding period leaves stains on our baby’s clothes. But using fleece material allows it to dry quickly and super easy to take care of.

“As new moms, we always refer to the elders when it comes with our concerns to our babies. A lot of elders recommend the use of old or hand-me-down newborn clothes instead of buying a new one. Is that the best for our babies?”

Old Hand-Me-Down Newborn Clothes Or Brand New Ones?

We always refer to elder moms when we seek advice on what’s best for our babies. Who’s the closest we ask? Well, our moms, and we sometimes believe whatever they say. It is because she’s the one who brought us and raised us into this world! My mom always recommends using old hand-me-down clothes instead of buying a new one. Is that merely a superstition or are there better facts behind it? To answer that, here are the advantages and disadvantages of using hand-me-down clothes:

  • Advantages of Using Old Hand-Me-Down Newborn Clothes
  • 1
    They have been tried and tested. Old hand-me-down clothes deemed to be softer in texture. As it has been used several times already, the scratch and roughness that new clothes have are no longer present. Also, brand-new clothes have chemicals in them from dye and other treatments, hand-me-down clothes have already eliminated these chemicals for being washed several times. Hence, using old hand-me-down clothes is best for baby’s sensitive skin.
  • 2
    It’s economical. Our kids grow pretty quickly, and they might outgrow the new clothes that we buy. Since newborn clothes are costly, using old clothes is very helpful for our savings.
  • 3
    It saves your baby from an unnecessary allergy. The newborn clothes in the market might be very exposed to all types of bacteria and viruses. Just by getting old ones from our trusted moms, we have already saved our babies from possible allergies that they might get.
  • Disadvantages of Using Used Newborn Clothes
  • 1
    It might cause a possible infestation. Soliciting old clothes from friends might have a possible infestation of worms and bugs.
  • 2
    Stain and smell do not wash off easily. It will take you so much time to wash to take off the stain and odor as it might be in stocks for so long. You might as well do the washing several times.
  • 3
    It might not look that good as the new one. Old clothes seem to be off the top when you are concerned with how your baby looks in clothes. Some pure white might appear already to be yellowish.

Related Questions

  • Can a newborn baby wear 0 – 3 months sizes of clothes?
    If he’s a big one, you can change your newborn clothes to the sizes of 0-3 months. Clothing sizes also sometimes depend on the baby’s weight. Those newborns who use 0-3 months sizes are mostly eight to 12.5 pounds in weight.
  • Is it necessary to wash new newborn clothes?
    Definitely! It’s a good idea that before it makes contact with her skin, wash it first to eliminate the roughness and scratches of brand-new clothes.

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